EDITOR’S NOTE: We here present the second of two articles featuring new Lincolnton City Manager Ritchie Haynes.

LINCOLNTON––Ritchie Haynes recently shared his thoughts with us on the City of Lincolnton’s accomplishments in 2020.

And the new city manager also talked about the challenges ahead for the coming 11 months, as well as future positive projects coming to fruition. Haynes spoke with The Herald last week.

“We experienced two different floods that caused damage at the Betty Ross Park and lift station,” he informed, adding that challenges elsewhere are faced by “the police department this year, include dealing with COVID-19-related issues, reaching new recruits and continuing to work with other agencies on the homeless situation. The majority of special events in the downtown area were cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.”

Another challenge, said Haynes, was providing PPE (or personal protective equipment) and related supplies to City staffers during the early stages of the COVID outbreak. And there are other budgetary needs that stem from COVID as well.