(NAPSI)—It's the perfect time for you and your mechanic to perform a checkup on your vehicle after snow, rain and cooler temperatures have taken their toll.

Change Oil, Fluids and Air Filter

Professional mechanics recommend changing your oil every 5,000−10,000 miles to keep the engine running smoothly. Check the owner's manual for instructions before you get started.

Mechanics also recommend replacing your vehicle's air filter at least once a year. Check your vehicle's instruction manual to locate the filter, open its case and review how it's positioned. Remove the old air filter and insert the new one in the same position, before closing the metal clips.

If you don't feel comfortable changing your own oil and air filter, your mechanic can change them for you. While you're there, also have your power steering, brake, transmission and windshield washer fluid levels checked.

Fix Windshield Wipers

Faulty windshield wipers can be dangerous during spring rainstorms. The good news is you can easily replace them on your own! Lift the wiper arm away from the windshield, press the small tab on its underside and slide the blade off the arm before attaching a new blade.

Replace Headlights

Hazy headlights are not only an eyesore but decrease your visibility at night. Open your engine compartment, remove the headlight's power wires and disconnect the old bulb. Handle the new bulb with tissues or gloves, before reinstalling and reconnecting the wires.

When you're finished with these tasks, you'll need more than the traditional hand soap to clean up. Lava® Soap has the power of the pumice to quickly break through the toughest grease and grime while leaving your hands moisturized!

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(NAPS) After performing car maintenance, you may need a pumice-powered soap.NAPS(NAPS) NAPS